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Some Basic Roulette Statistics

Roulette is fairly easy game to play, but the house has a significant edge on odds in relation to some of the other games. While it is about 5.26% for most bets on an American Wheel (one that features 0 and 00 and is commonly used online because of the larger house odds), you can still have a good time playing it and stretch your money out. To fully comprehend how to place your chips, learn the basic roulette statistics.

Some of the more common bets are the black/red and odd/even bets. You are getting slightly less than half of the board with your coverage and the bet pays 1:1. These are popular bets because there is no rhyme or reason for them and very little strategy. Pick a color and hope for the best.

The next bet to consider is the column bet or first/middle/last 12 bet. This bet pays 2:1 and is very common for people playing larger amounts of money on the outside. They will generally play two out of three and cover just under 67% of the board. If one of their sections comes out, they lose one bet, but get paid 2:1 on the other one giving them one unit of profit.

A bet that gives the house a significant edge and one that you will want to avoid at all costs is the first five bet. The house odds increase to 7.89% and the bet has a payout of 6:1. While it does cover the 0 and 00, you are getting horrible odds to do so and are better off playing them separately because of this.

From there, you can start to work the middle of the board and really give yourself some coverage. The sixline is very popular because you can generally play $5 on a $5 table and cover 78.9 percent of the table. If one of your numbers hits, you will take down a profit of $1 per $5 that is played. It is not a huge profit, but you can grind out a long session and build up comp dollars in the process.

Similar to the 6 line bet is the corner bet. You place this by picking a common corner on 4 numbers and placing your chip right on the cross. This bet pays 8:1 and will give you a $3 profit for every $5 that is played if you cover 20 numbers. Again, you are not going to break the house, but you can grind out the session.

For the rest of the bets, the odds go up significantly, but you get a lot less coverage. Playing a street (3 numbers in one row) will pay off at 11:1 a split (playing 2 numbers) will pay 17:1 and a single number has the huge 35:1 odds. These are generally bets you will make once you get on a roll and start hitting numbers. You can take a shot at them once you are playing with house money.

As you can see, knowing roulette statistics can help you maximize your time on the board. Roulette is honestly not a game that you can expect to win a lot of money on unless you are willing to take some risk. However, you can grind out a profit by watching the board and covering as much as possible with your bets and play to win a small profit on each roll.

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